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When I went home in December 2008, I lost a two-and-a half year old male child from bronchiolitis/asthma due to lack of electricity. I had purchased two nebulizer machines but the same day I reached the village to set it up, there was no power supply since it is usually rationed due to inadequate distribution. If I had money to buy gas-powered generator, I could have independently set up the machine and nebulized this child of Mr Okore Amah in Obiene Ututu, Abia state, Nigeria. He was instead sent to the local hospital, Arochukwu General Hospital, which did not even have an oxygen supply not to talk of nebulizer machine, and they just watched him die same evening. This particular death touched me more than any other because it was avoidable, and with just the least contribution from you, many more kids like the deceased will be saved.

The same December 2008, I could not stave off further publicity since a lot of the patients were unrestrained in their joy, and they went about telling anybody who cared to listen. I was subsequently serialized on a Nigerian national newspaper with readership in excess of fifty million people daily. My state-run television/radio combo, the Broadcasting Corporation of Abia State, came on site and filmed my work as well as interviewed me and a cross-section of the patients. I also had a moderated interview in their studio to expound my free medical program. The media was humbled by how much I had accomplished over a period of five years without seeking any publicity, ascribable to genuine commitment. Evidence of these newspaper, radio and television interviews can be found in the photo gallery section of this web site.



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