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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Kalu Ulu Memorial Foundation was founded by Dr. Anuma Kalu Ulu, a Board-certified family physician as well as a geriatrician based in the United States of America. Since 2004, Dr. Ulu has been traveling to Nigeria yearly for periods ranging from six to eight weeks, to undertake free medical mission solely self-sponsored. The cost of this has been in excess of one hundred thousand United States dollars yearly [$100,000.00] both in terms of direct cost and lost wages. His drive has been the improvement of total care for his community and environs, especially in terms of health, nutrition and socioeconomic needs. Below is an account of his journey to this point and his vision going forward.

Dr. Anuma Kalu Ulu was born in Obiene Ututu in Arochukwu Local Government area of Abia State, Nigeria. He imbibed the mantra of helping the less privileged from the exemplary life of his late father, Mr. Kalu Ulu, in whose memory this Foundation is named. For Dr. Ulu, the medical field provided the best avenue for this community service. The preventable death of his father only helped to strengthen his resolve to help others.

After his medical training, Dr. Ulu realized that the task at hand would require better resources, both medical and financial, than those at his disposal, so he left Nigeria. He resided in Trinidad and Tobago for four years and Australia for one year before arriving in the United States in the year 2000 to begin training in Internal medicine. After just one year, Dr. Ulu sacrificed his personal ambition of becoming a cardiologist when he realized that the training that will give him the best versatility to handle the myriad medical problems back home in Africa was Family Practice. The switch cost him three months, but he was undaunted. He went further to train in Geriatrics in order to cater to all patients as in ‘from cradle to the grave’. Since then, Dr. Ulu has been traveling to Nigeria to fulfill his promise to himself and his father. Over time, the number of patients has grown exponentially even as more people become aware of the free medical service, and it may not be sustainable as a sole effort at this rate. Since these patients who are rural dwellers are mostly indigent, Dr Ulu also provides bare essentials like clothes, shoes, toiletries, supplements and cash to them on these visits. It has thus become expedient to expand this program through the instruments of a non-profit organization to meet the growing needs, and your generous tax-exempt contribution will be highly appreciated. For his selfless work which has positively impacted many lives, Dr Ulu has been nominated for the “2009 CNN Heroes” award.



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