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In 2004, due to the percentage of people who were hypertensive and did not know about it, my wife who is a foreigner from Trinidad and Tobago as well as a Registered Nurse , did not believe the numbers she was initially getting. She had to switch blood pressure equipment and got the same values on repeat measurement, before lending credence to the accuracy of the measurements. This was even made more difficult by the patients denying prior history of hypertension, instead of simply admitting never being evaluated.

My visit to the local primary school was heart-wrenching to see the unimaginable austere conditions of learning for the students, and the unpalatable teaching conditions for the teachers. Part of this was captured in the pictures in the photo gallery. Though I gave them books and other goods, it was not enough to make any meaningful impact. My intention is to raise enough funds to take over the running of the school, provide books, uniforms, meals, classroom blocks and pay teachers well so as to create an incentive. I am moved to do this because I know I would not have become a doctor if I had been taught under these stifling conditions, and it only takes a little input to elicit maximum result.


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