Kalu Ulu Memorial Foundation
Kalu Ulu Memorial Foundation


Funds and resources will be needed for the following future plans:


1. Continuing with the yearly mission, for at least 2 months each year, and going with at least six other Physicians, to meet the increasing demands. There are colleagues who are ready to offer their services free, however the financial burden of their travel, accommodation, security and feeding will need to be covered by the organization.


2. Provision of more goods to the people through distribution of toiletries, canned food, supplements, etc, obtained from corporations and individuals, in line with the tax-exempt status of the organization.


3. Tarring of a fifteen-kilometer (ten-mile) dusty access road to my community to improve healthcare accessibility and other socioeconomic interactions.


4. Constructing a water bore-hole for the community to provide adequate hygienic water supply to substitute for the unhygienic rapidly drying spring water in the community.


5. Provision of more cash incentives to the needy, which are basically all the patients.


6. Recruiting of a medical doctor and two registered nurses to provide medical services year round to the community, all paid by the organization. These people will provide continuity in my absence and will work with me when I return for my yearly medical mission.


7. Building of residential quarters and provision of vehicles to the above staff for more satisfactory and efficient service.


8. Equipping the newly constructed community Health Center including provision of medications, furniture, hospital beds and staff.


9. Construction of classroom blocks, lockers, tables and provision of books to primary school children in the community, as well as instituting Scholarship programs to the students. The augmentation of teachers’ salaries for improved teaching and better incentives.


10. The aggressive prevention and treatment of malaria and rotavirus, two of the deadliest diseases afflicting children with grave consequences, and whose prevention is readily achievable. Also, the treatment of and education for prevention and de-stigmatization of HIV/AIDS.


11. The corollary establishment of a hospital with help of the organization, free or at least highly subsidized, and run effectively to provide the much needed health care that the people deserve.


12. The establishment of an endowment fund of at least one hundred thousand United States dollars [fifteen million Nigerian naira] for interest-free personal business loans and educational loans to the needy.


Your tax exempt donation will sustain and expand the program. Thank you.


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